Michelle Smith is Board Certified in Criminal Appeals and recognized by legal professionals as a Martindale-Hubbell AV Rated Preimmenent 4.9 out of 5.0. Ms. Smith is a former state and federal law clerk, with extensive experience. Drawing upon Ms. Smith’s experience as a trial lawyer and former law clerk, our firm has represented parties in criminal proceedings and investigations in state and federal court. Our lawyers protect client interests at every stage of a criminal or administrative proceeding or investigation, whether you are faced with a grand jury or other investigation, a state or federal criminal trial or sentencing, defending a criminal forfeiture, professional licensing issues, or the need to comply with state, federal, or agency regulations.

A selection of notable cases handled by the firm is listed below:
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Focus Areas

  • Pre-indictment representation, grand jury investigations & target letters
  • Witness interviews & investigation
  • Professional licensing representation, including initial licensure, discipline, and malpractice defense (Florida Bar, DBPR, Department of Health)
  • Federal, state, and other regulatory agency compliance and licensing
  • Federal and state trials, appeals, and post-conviction relief (arrest, arraignment, bond hearing, plea negotiations and agreements, pretrial motions, discovery, suppression of illegally obtained evidence, jury trials, bench trials, post-trial motions, sentencing, brief writing, oral argument, writs and petitions for certiorari review, motions or petitions to vacate judgment and sentence)
  • Records sealing and expungement
  • Fraud (all types, including bank, health care, Medicare/Medicaid, mail, wire, mortgage, tax, securities, federal or state contracting, Social Security, VA, workmen’s compensation, sales tax, and motor vehicle title fraud)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act
  • Anti-trust violations
  • Public corruption, bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, misappropriation of monies
  • Racketeering & RICO
  • Money laundering, illegal wire transfers, structuring payments, Patriot Act violations
  • Computer crimes, CADRA, identity theft
  • Immigration offenses, illegal reentry
  • Drug and narcotics offenses (trafficking, distribution, manufacturing)
  • Gun crimes (ITAR, carrying concealed weapons, trafficking, felon in possession)
  • Violent crimes (battery, domestic violence, assault, robbery, bank robbery)
  • Theft crimes (grand theft, identity theft, petty theft, scheme to defraud, dealing in stolen property)
  • Sex crimes (sexual battery, prostitution, failure to register, lewd and lascivious, traveling to meet a child, enticement)
  • Child abuse and child pornography (possession, receipt, distribution, manufacture)
  • Property crimes, criminal mischief, trespassing, burglary
  • Homicide, attempted murder, murder, manslaughter
  • DUI
  • Violations of probation, supervised release, community control